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Cogmed Working Memory Training is validated by clinical, neuropsychological tests and published in peer-reviewed scientific papers. Through training, your child can improve their brain function, corresponding to two years of normal development.

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Proven Effect on Working Memory and Attention

Cogmed is a personalized, digital therapeutics, designed to improve the brain systems responsible for attention and working memory. WM is closely related to control of attention, and uses partly the same regions of the brain. CWMT is specifically developed to target these brain regions (Olesen et al. 2004). It is the only digital therapeutics that has been shown to improve attention in everyday life. The improvements are equivalent of two years of normal cognitive development of working memory in children.

Long-lasting Clinical Effect

Many clinical diagnoses are associated with cognitive impairments affecting working memory and attention. Through clinical, peer-reviewed studies, using neuropsychological testing, it has been shown that CWMT can significantly reduce the cognitive impairments for individuals (Spencer-Smith and Klingberg, 2015).

This includes children and adults with ADHD, children who have received cancer treatment, children born prematurely and adults who have suffered from stroke. In many cases, the behavioral improvement remediates the cognitive function into the normal range (Klingberg et al. 2005; Bigorra et al. 2015). The effect on the brain’s working memory systems is stronger from CWMT than after treatment with methylphenidate. Most importantly, research shows that the effects of CWMT are long-lasting (Conklin et al. 2017).

Improves Academic Performance

Working memory is key for academic performance, including mathematics. A new study of 572 typically developing children, randomized to training or teaching as usual, Berger et al. (Berger, 2020) found that one year after CWMT, children had improved equivalently of 1 year of improvement in secondary school, compared to the control group. This improvement is about twice as large as the improvement seen after reducing the number of students in each classroom. Three years after CWMT children had a 16 % higher chance of getting into the academically more advanced school-track.

Extensive Collaboration with the Research Community

The Cogmed method is a result of many years of successful collaboration with the research community. If your research team contacts with an attached IRB (or the equivalent ethics committee body) approval we can evaluate if the study qualifies for a free research license. The evaluation is based on what level of value and uniqueness the study can contribute to the field, in combination with methodological considerations.

Detailed Claims and Evidence

For a full summary of the research literature and clinical outcomes that support the Cogmed claims above, please download the Cogmed Claims and Evidence document.