Trouble staying focused?

If someone in your family is struggling with attention deficit, Cogmed could help

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Callie's story:

Recognize attention deficit

Are you or someone in your family experiencing any of these issues?

  • Trouble staying focused on the task at hand
  • Making careless mistakes, e.g. in schoolwork
  • Difficulty completing tasks that require multiple steps
  • Struggling to listen to or carry outinstructions
  • Finding it hard to organize and plan ahead

These are typical symptoms of attention deficit, which is closely related to lower-than-average working memory capacity.

Let Cogmed help you

Cogmed is specifically designed to address the underlying cause, through dedicated training of attention and working memory.

Numerous scientific studies have shown that Cogmed has a powerful effect on the ability to focus attention for longer periods of time.

Improved attention is helpful to everyone, but especially important for people who start off with a deficit in this area.

Flexible protocols
Work with your coach to select the program parameters that best suit your schedule and cognitive needs

Engaging design
The gamified create theme offers  immediate rewards supports motivation throughout the program

Rigorous evidence
120+ peer-reviewed studies over the last two decades makes Cogmed the most scientifically validated digital therapeutic available

How does it work?

With the help of a Cogmed Coach you can tailor your practice to suit you and your family. The possibilities range from a low 20 minutes per day to intensive 50-minute sessions.. 

The training is carried out on computer, smartphone or a tablet, and consists of a series of short exercises that forces the person training to push the limits of their working memory. Doing the training can be fun, and at times frustratingly challenging. 

The exercises are carefully designed, to challenge the attention and working memory of the person training.  As the trainee gets better at an exercise, the level of difficulty increases. The program is adaptive to ensure the training is kept at the optimal level of effort.

Start-up session
With coach, trainee and parents

Five weeks of digital training with regular coaching sessions

Wrap-up session to  integrate the results in daily life

You are in safe hands

We know that Cogmed has great potential to help with attention deficit and other cognitive impairments. For the effects to materialize it is necessary for the trainees to really stick to the training program, and to push themselves through each exercise. 

To help the trainee commit to the program and stick with the full course of the training, they are helped by a professional coach. This person is trained in the Cogmed method, and specialized in the particular types of issues that the trainee is experiencing.

The coach sets them up with the right expectations and creates a training schedule. As the trainee goes through the program, the coach keeps in touch regularly, offering the consistent support needed to succeed.

Through the course of the program, the coach helps the trainee identify how the newly acquired skills appear, and how they can keep working to integrate them in daily life.

What kind of results are expected?

The direct effect of the training is increased working memory capacity and improved ability to pay attention and stay focused. These benefits typically appear immediately by the end of the program.

Additionally, many Cogmed users experience how their improved attention leads to positive follow-on effects, such as better performance in school and improved self-confidence.

Cogmed has been used to deliver more than 200,000 trainings, and studied by researchers in more than 120 experiments published in scientific journals. 

Based on this experience, it is safe to say that anyone completing the training program with dedicated effort will see a significant effect on their working memory, attention, and cognitive performance.

How do I get started?

If you are already seeing a rehab center or ADHD clinic, reach out and ask whether they can become a Cogmed provider.

In the case you are not already seeing a clinic, or they cannot provide Cogmed, you can find all current providers on this page. If there are none available in your country you can look for providers that offer remote coaching.

Find a provider near you

If they cannot, we are happy to help you locate a provider in your region, or one that you can access remotely.

Either search on this interactive map with providers, or fill out the form below and we help you find one for you.

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published articles

"In our practice, we saw student after student go through the Cogmed program and find that they could now better manage their lives."

"I started feeling the benefits pretty quickly. I was staying engaged and focused for much longer in class, my memory was getting sharper, and that kind of brain fog that comes with a concussion was clearing up."

"Coming across this program was really a blessing, because it's hard to find
something that's as scientifically based as Cogmed is."