'Cognitive Renaissance' | New feature in International Business Times

We are thrilled to share an article recently published in the International Business Times, "Cognitive Renaissance: Groundbreaking Research Settles Old Score and Brings Hope For Medical Conditions."

This piece beautifully encapsulates the transformative journey of cognitive training and, more specifically, the role Cogmed has played in advancing the understanding and practice of working memory enhancement.

From its inception at the Karolinska Institute, Cogmed’s evidence-based approach to working memory training has impacted countless lives, particularly those struggling with attention deficit.

In recent years, rigorous, large-scale studies have strengthened the case for the power and potential of cognitive training. Cogmed, with over 20 years of experience, has been at the forefront of this evidence-based evolution, with studies showing our program leads to significant improvements in working memory, attention, as well as academic and professional performance.

In a fast-paced business environment, where digital therapeutics companies rise and fall, Cogmed remains a steadfast and reliable presence, with 200,000+ interventions delivered in countries across the globe.

The future of cognitive training looks bright, and Cogmed is excited to continue to lead and redefine this dynamic field. Read more about our journey and the promising advances in the realm of cognitive training in the article linked here.

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"In our practice, we saw student after student go through the Cogmed program and find that they could now better manage their lives."

"I started feeling the benefits pretty quickly. I was staying engaged and focused for much longer in class, my memory was getting sharper, and that kind of brain fog that comes with a concussion was clearing up."

"Coming across this program was really a blessing, because it's hard to find
something that's as scientifically based as Cogmed is."