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Over 120 published peer-reviewed independent studies over a time period of 20+ years.

Substantial Results

Significant effects for groups such as ADHD, stroke, TBI & cancer treatment recovery.

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Healthcare and education professionals globally rely on Cogmed to tackle attention deficit.

Lasting increases in core brain functions - verified by independent researchers across the globe

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I started feeling the benefits pretty quickly - nearly immediately.

I was staying engaged and focused longer in class, my memory was getting sharper, and that kind of brain fog that comes with a concussion was clearing up.

Callie H.
Cogmed User
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One veteran, severely disabled by traumatic brain injury, could not pass a driver’s license test despite intensive therapies.

It was only after completing Cogmed that he regained enough mental clarity to resume normal daily activities, including writing checks and driving.

Arthur Lavin, MD, FAAP
Cogmed Coach
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We did Cogmed over the summer, and when she returned to school in the fall she increased her MAP test scores by 20 percentage points.

She had done no other intervention in reading, writing, or math.

Alyson Aviv, PhD
Cogmed Coach
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A stroke patient I worked with was really struggling with reading. He couldn’t retain the information in the books.
Five weeks into Cogmed he said to me:

‘Joanne, an amazing thing has happened–I am now reading a book, and I can remember the story.

Joanne Thornton
Cogmed Coach
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Scientifically proven

Cogmed is the world’s most proven digital tool for improving working memory and attention.

The program’s ability to grow cognitive capacity has been demonstrated in several randomized controlled trials. The effects shown are measured using the same objective neuropsychological tests and rating scales as used to diagnose e.g. ADHD.

The science behind Cogmed is published in more than 120 articles in peer reviewed scientific journals; including Nature Neuroscience, and Science.

Read more about this research, and how Cogmed is different from casual “brain training” apps.

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published articles

"In our practice, we saw student after student go through the Cogmed program and find that they could now better manage their lives."

"I started feeling the benefits pretty quickly. I was staying engaged and focused for much longer in class, my memory was getting sharper, and that kind of brain fog that comes with a concussion was clearing up."

"Coming across this program was really a blessing, because it's hard to find
something that's as scientifically based as Cogmed is."