Better Concentration in School

Cogmed leads to better attention and on-task behavior in school. Teachers also report quieter classrooms. This provides a basis for better learning.

Become a Cogmed Provider

Cogmed is currently used in schools all over the world. It is provided to individuals and small groups with special needs as well as entire classes. In each case a teacher, teacher-aid or a specialized teacher acts as a Cogmed coach to supervise the training (see Method). Leveraging educators' skills to lead entire groups in an institutional environment is a significant contributor to program compliance and student success. Another valuable contributor is the presence of peer support from the group.

Children with specific deficits in mathematics or language will still need specific training in these areas. However, Cogmed can provide additional benefits in terms of improved attention, including on-task behavior and improved working memory (for example better ability to remembering instructions). Read more about Cogmed's effects in our Research section.