Previous Cogmed Providers

My license has expired and I need to renew

If you are looking to renew a license that has recently lapsed, please reach out directly to your local distributor.

If you don't know who the distributor is in your region, please contact Cogmed Support and we will connect you with your local sales contact (please include the name of the organization holding the account in your message).  

I used to be a provider and I'm interested in resuming

If you’re interested in resuming your role as a Cogmed Coach but it’s been a few years since you last had a license, please send an email to:

Let us know what type of setting you’ve used Cogmed in (i.e. education or clinical), as well as any questions you have about the platform or licensing, and we will help you and your practice get started again.

For any other inquires, please contact our support.






published articles

"In our practice, we saw student after student go through the Cogmed program and find that they could now better manage their lives."

"I started feeling the benefits pretty quickly. I was staying engaged and focused for much longer in class, my memory was getting sharper, and that kind of brain fog that comes with a concussion was clearing up."

"Coming across this program was really a blessing, because it's hard to find
something that's as scientifically based as Cogmed is."