Previous Cogmed Providers

If you know your Cogmed username and password, please go to and log into your account. Once logged in, go to the Menu in the upper right corner and open your Organization Settings. There you will find contact information for your region's local distributor and instructions for how to renew your license.

If you cannot access your account, or you log in and can't see the Organization Settings option, please contact Cogmed Support and we will connect you with your local sales contact.  






published articles

"In our practice, we saw student after student go through the Cogmed program and find that they could now better manage their lives."

"I started feeling the benefits pretty quickly. I was staying engaged and focused for much longer in class, my memory was getting sharper, and that kind of brain fog that comes with a concussion was clearing up."

"Coming across this program was really a blessing, because it's hard to find
something that's as scientifically based as Cogmed is."