Valuable Tool for Clinics

Cogmed has an outstanding record for almost 20 years of strong and sustainable results in clinical settings. Professionals in practices worldwide have achieved significant improvements for people with attention deficits (ADHD), learning difficulties, brain injuries and pediatric cancer survivors.

Become a Cogmed Provider

For small groups or individuals with special needs, the Cogmed coach is a qualified professional (also see our Method page). With a combination of domain expertise and in-depth knowledge of Cogmed, the coach develops individualized strategies to overcome the challenges of completing the intervention. In addition to the effects described in our Research section, these strategies can also be extended and applied to future real-life situations as well.

As a clinical provider you will get access to an on-line training that includes how to use the training platform and how to provide an individualized Cogmed intervention. The intervention includes a start-up session with the user and is followed by weekly conversations.

Cogmed is currently used by psychologists, speech pathologists, occupational therapists and other clinical specialists working with individuals with attention and learning difficulties.