Cogmed Qualified Practices and Schools

Cogmed Qualified Practices in the United States
Cogmed Working Memory Training is provided across the United States through a network of Cogmed Qualified Practices, as well as in schools.

Each practice and school has been trained by the Cogmed team. We also work closely and continuously with each practice to make sure all trainings are provided by the practice in the best possible way. You can see the full list of Cogmed Practices on our Find a Practice page.

The role of the Quality Assurance Person
Each Cogmed Qualified Practice has named one individual to be the Quality Assurance person (QA) for its Cogmed work. This person has to have a degree or license to practice independently in the health care field, mental health field, speech/language, or educational field. In most states, that means that the QA has a master’s level degree in psychology, education, or closely related field with formal training specific to assessing individuals.

The reason the Cogmed team insists on this profile for the QAs is that we want make sure that each practice has processes in place to put Cogmed training in its right context. Cogmed training improves attention by training poor working memory. Sometimes it can be difficult to disentangle the underlying reasons for an attention problem. There are no shortcuts or simple tests: experience and a strong understanding of the context is needed. The QAs in our network are well placed to do this. This way we make sure the people who sign up for Cogmed training have the profile we know makes for a good training.

If you are a Cogmed user, and have any kind of concerns, questions or comments, you should direct them to the Quality Assurance person at the practice that provided you with the training. You are always welcome to also contact Cogmed, but make sure you discuss with your Quality Assurance person responsible for your training first.

The Role of the Cogmed Coach
The Cogmed Coach is the person who works directly with the Cogmed user. When the user is a child, the coach of course also works closely with a parent/guardian, and when it is done in school, with the teachers.

Each Cogmed Coach working for a Cogmed Qualified Practice is also connected to and supervised by a Cogmed Quality Assurance person.

It is the responsibility of each Cogmed coach to provide each Cogmed user with the support needed to complete your training in the best way. For any questions about how the Cogmed network operates, do contact the Cogmed team.

The roles and responsibilities for providing Cogmed in schools
A growing number of American schools are also licensed for using Cogmed Working Memory Training to improve their students’ ability to focus. Each school has named one individual to be the quality assurance person (called “Lead Coach”) for the school’s implementation of Cogmed.

Cogmed Research

Researchers from academic institutions and hospitals are eligible to receive specialized support from Cogmed on the basis that their Research Project is accepted by Cogmed and a Research License Agreement is signed by the principal investigator and institution. Researcher eligibility to serve as the Cogmed Quality Assurance Person and/or Cogmed Qualified Coach is determined by Cogmed on a project by project basis and may fall outside of the above listed credential requirements.