Unique Method

Software alone is not sufficient to achieve cognitive enhancement. Cogmed distinguishes itself not only by being research-based, but also by delivering a complete solution guided by a coach to ensure motivation and compliance.

There are several essential factors that decide whether cognitive enhancement programs actually succeed and deliver strong real life effects. Cogmed differentiates itself by the holistic way it addresses them with a unique methodology.

Effective Intervention

Cogmed is a software based intervention entailing different visuospatial and verbal tasks that systematically challenge the working memory capacity during a 5-10 week training period. The exercises are performed on a computer or tablet in the convenience of the user’s home, school, or designated clinic.

The selection and design of exercises, their composition, their scheduled distribution and total accumulated volume plays a vital role to achieve results. Cognitive neuroscientists and psychologists have integrated all of these aspects into an automatized, effective and easily accessible program.

The training is tracked online and can be viewed by the user, and further monitored and analyzed by a coach (see below).

For Everyone

The training protocol is individualized by an algorithm that presents the tasks in a rotating schedule and adapts to the capacity level of the user in real-time. By constantly challenging working memory at its limits for an individual, neuroplastic changes can occur.

To further accommodate people's different needs, the program also offers a flexible schedule of 25-40 training sessions lasting 25-50 minutes each over 5-10 weeks.

This ensures that whoever is undertaking the program, also benefits from it.

Coaching for Compliance

Completing the program is essential for effects to occur. This requires a readiness and commitment to work intensively with specific tasks in sufficient volumes. To help users overcome this challenge we embrace the concept of a Cogmed coach.

Their role is to motivate the user by providing support, guidance, planning, knowledge and feedback. The coach also encourages users to notice and practice their new skills, which further enhances the effects. Depending on the setting, the profile of the coaches differ:


For small groups or individuals with special needs, the coach is a qualified professional. The coach has a domain expertise in attention deficits or learning difficulties and an in-depth knowledge of Cogmed. They develop individualized strategies to meet the challenges of completing the intervention. These strategies can also be extended and applied to future real-life situations. Read more on our Clinics section.


For a group setting, such as training entire classes in school, the coach is typically a teacher. Leveraging their skills to lead entire groups in an institutional environment is a significant factor for compliance. Another valuable contributor is the peer support that is also introduced. Read more on our Schools section.

Empower the Experts

Data shows that adherence to the program is greatly enhanced when a coach is present providing a trustworthy environment, professional supervision and human contact. Thanks to the coaches, 90% of our users complete their training. In this way, Cogmed acts as a tool that empowers professionals to help users achieve their goals and improve their quality of life.

Research-based Benefits

Improving working memory is an investment in time and effort. To ensure a valuable return, Cogmed is driven by a scientific approach where rigorous research supports the validity of the Cogmed method. Read more on our Research section.