Young man from Hong Kong improves both working memory and long term memory

Age: 21
Gender: Male
Location: Hong Kong

Background: This young adult from Hong Kong was about to graduate college and although he had done fairly well in school, he felt he was not achieving his full potential because of an inability to focus. His friends complained that it was difficult to communicate with him as he would usually stop mid-sentence and change the subject. He struggled to remember things he had done, like details from past events and things he learned. He also had a tendency to forget about important dates, times, and places that he needed to be. He was diagnosed with a very poor working memory and poor long term memory.

He was very motivated to get the most out of the training and did everything he could to get the highest scores possible each day. But he said that the coach was an essential part of the process as he didn’t have the motivation to sit down to do the training each day, especially as he was traveling a lot throughout the training program.

The young man began to see results as soon as a couple of months after the training. The first noticeable change was an improved ability to focus. Since he had just graduated college and was taking the summer off, most of the improvements were seen socially. He was able to “stay in the moment” without being distracted. This allowed him to communicate better, be more interesting and have more fun.

Things kept improving as much as a year and a half out as he continued to feel better cognitively. His heightened ability to maintain focus was sustained and he now finds it easy to remember information in the short and long term. In fact, his friends now say that he has one of the best memories in his group. The young man certainly believes that it has improved his performance professionally as he is beginning his career. Even his girlfriend is happier that he is able to focus on what she says, making him not miss as many important details.

This young man believes he is in the top 25% of Cogmed users that see life-changing benefits and is incredibly happy with results. He has recommended the program to many other people and believes in the program so much that he became a Cogmed Coach.

Key challenges:

  • Had attention problems
  • Diagnosed with a very poor working memory and long term memory
  • Was not living up to his potential academically
  • Struggled socially, could not keep track of conversations
  • Often changed topics mid-sentence
  • Would forget past events and things he learned
  • Was unorganized – often missed appointments

Training outcomes:

  • Ability to focus improved significantly
  • Is able to stay in the moment and keep his train of thought
  • No longer loses track of conversations – and is much more socially aware
  • Has greatly improved his long term memory
  • His friends say he has the best memory in the group
  • Is much more organized – is better able to keep track of his schedule
  • The improvements have helped him excel professionally
  • He feels he has seen life-changing results
*Photos above are not of the actual users whose experience we describe –
we understand that poor working memory is often a hidden weakness that impacts people in a very personal way.
Out of respect for their privacy, we have kept the identities of these people anonymous.