New York Times Magazine highlights Working Memory

Posted: April, 24 2012 – This weekend’s Magazine from The New York Times features the exciting new scientific findings around training of working memory and improving IQ. The starting point for this is clearly stated as being the research by Torkel Klingberg back in 2002, and the findings that created Cogmed.

The article is a useful introduction to the importance of working memory, and the fast-changing field of evidence-based cognitive training. It is also a nice step in the “mainstreaming” of the key message behind Cogmed’s work: new research shows that with the right tools you can improve specific cognitive domains. For working memory to improve attention, that is Cogmed.

The text highlights some of the challenges facing our field, such as how to work with individuals who really wish to change, and how to motivate for successful training. We think that the Cogmed approach addresses these topics head on with our comprehensive coaching method, and by working only through professionals.

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