The NEW Cogmed!

We are proud to present a complete upgrade of the Cogmed product and platform, with a planned release date of November 3.

Try it out!

This is the starting point toward building a new future for a method that delivers substantial improvements in people's lives.

What you need to know

  • The current platform will be phased out 2020-12-31 due to its dependency on the Flash technology.
  • Please note: All trainings started on the current platform must be completed by 2020-12-31.
  • The new platform should be used to create all trainings after release.
  • The new platform can monitor trainings created in the current platform, so we recommend to only use the new platform after release.
  • The new platform supports the same languages as the current platform.
  • Use your current credentials (username and password) on the new platform.
  • Links to the upgraded product will be provided closer to the release date. Check back here frequently for updates.

We recognize that two months might in some cases be a short period for phasing out the trainings from the current (old) platform, and are grateful for the understanding and cooperation our community can provide during this transition. When completed, together with your help, this upgrade will allow continued positive impact in people's lives.

Major improvements

The new version retains the same core tasks that have proven so effective, but wraps them in a new, modern, simplified and streamlined experience for both users and Coaches. This reset will gradually have more features added, but already includes several major improvements:

Web-based apps

Cogmed will embrace the web platform and benefit from:

  • Support for many devices and browsers
  • Allow multi-device use for a single user
  • Re-use existing familiar workflows and behaviors (e.g. tabs, links, bookmarks, copy/paste, back button, password management etc)
  • Responsive design
  • Zoom and accessibility features
  • No install process
  • Automatic upgrades with gradual improvements


  • Clean and modern design that emphasizes distraction-free and concentrated training
  • Added training flexibility by replacing a single choice of training program (JM, RM and QM) with two individual choices for i) difficulty (Standard or Light program) and ii) design (Create or Focus theme). This new separation of concerns allows for example an adult recovering from stroke to choose a lighter program without a child centered theme
  • The Light program excludes exercises that involve numbers, letters, and advanced sequencing (corresponds to the difficulty level of JM)
  • Improved non-verbal interactive instructions for exercises
  • Better exercise feedback with subtle and non-disturbing feedback, including hints to the correct answer

Reward based incentive system

  • An incentive system is paramount for motivation and compliance
  • The current Robo Racing (RM) and Aquarium (JM) are replaced with a persistent world builder (Create theme) that visualizes training progress
  • Motivational gamification mechanism that integrates rewards (earning gold and gems) during training
  • Allows users to present their unique Cogmed training creation to parents and peers
  • Extendable to future new themes (e.g. gardening, ocean, space etc)

Coaching Center

Cogmed Coaching Center
  • Designed for a better overview and more summary metrics
  • Zoom in for more detailed data view
  • Improved user experience and user interface
  • Usable on mobile phones as well for easy monitoring (card system)
  • Able to view your old trainings from the current platform
  • Introducing the Account Administrator role to enable self administration for increased control

Find Provider

Connecting users with Cogmed Providers is one of the most requested features from our community. We are therefore releasing our new Find Provider global map service. Take the opportunity to become visible on this map before the upcoming product upgrade by following the instructions in About Find Provider.

Keeping the core intact

The core Cogmed method is kept intact with an identical intervention mechanism, but with a new modern design:

  • Identical exercises, level adjustment algorithms, sequencing, scheduling and frequency settings
  • Identical Training Index metric
  • Same graphs in Coaching Center (with improvements)
  • Same basic workflow and processes for both users and Coaches to ensure an easy transition for current customers
  • All existing research is directly applicable
  • Same positive effects and improvements on WM and attention
Moving populations
Moving Populations An observed 30% increase of the average Training Index before (light blue) and after (dark blue) a Cogmed intervention on a population.

For long-term customers

Some features of the current platform will not be available in the new upgrade at release. This reset is an opportunity to launch a new streamlined system, starting with the core and gradually adding useful features for a new modern era. Long-term customers can read more about these aspects of the release here.