For Long-term Customers

Some features of the old platform will not be available in the new upgrade at release. This reset is an opportunity to launch a new streamlined system, starting with the core and gradually adding useful features for a new modern era.

All basic training functionality remains intact in the upgrade and is presented in a superior way with many improvements. Some features have not been included but may reappear in an improved form further down the road:

  • Propeller - The old coach training and resource library system has been replaced by a single streamlined Coaching Manual for easier orientation and learning.
  • Extended training - A different model for recurring interventions as a long term maintenance program is something Cogmed intend to address in future upgrades.
  • CPI (Cogmed Progress Indicator) and CQ (Cogmed Questionnaire) - If the demand for individual pre- and post training metrics is high, a more complete and supervised measurement tooling may be developed in the future.
  • Notifications - Have been discontinued at this time. We are working on functional improvements to provide real-time alerts for critical training metrics that will be easier to use and respond to (e.g. number of breaks that is already implemented at release).
  • Trends - Automatic monitoring and reporting to external stakeholders will be further investigated for future product development.