Neurons on Fire

Help us enrich and improve people's lives by building the next generation of research-based tools for cognitive enhancement.

We apply our expertise in neuroscientific research and software development to deliver real-life benefits that matter. Our culture is driven by strong interests and purpose, shaping a professional life that is rewarding and meaningful.

Being open to powerful technologies, we use Haskell for back-end development. For front-end we explore Rust, WebGPU and WASM/WASI. In collaborating research projects we utilize AI/ML and VR/AR. If you for instance are a cutting edge graphics programmer, we can offer an opportunity to expand and apply your skill set in an exciting and emerging area. Other software developer profiles are also of interest, as are product owner, communication and marketing.

If you share our vision, please drop us an email to We have not defined formal roles at this point, but are more interested in you as a person and your skills. Being a small organization, we offer an autonomous and non-bureaucratic environment with great opportunities to grow.

Cogmed has trained trillions of neurons over the last 20 years. Help us take it to the next level.