About Find Provider

Find Provider is a global map service that connects future Cogmed users with a Cogmed Provider (e.g. clinic or school) in their area.

Connecting users with Cogmed Providers is one of the most requested features from our community. We are therefore proud to launch our new Find Provider global map service. If you are a Cogmed Provider and want your organization to become visible on this map, please follow the instructions below:

Become visible on Find Provider

  • Login to the new Coaching Center with your existing credentials.
  • If you are a coach in several organizations you can select between them in the top left corner (see screenshot).
  • Go to the MENU in the top right corner and select Organization Settings (see screenshot). Note that this is different from your own Coach settings. The organization is the billing entity that can have several coaches, where you are one of them.
  • If this entry is not present, then you are not an Account Administrator (admin) for this organization. You can update this by following the instructions on How do I become an Account Administrator?

When entering the Organization Settings form, enter as much information as possible:

  • Organization Name + Address + City + State (when applicable) + Zip Code + Country are used to find the geographic location on the map.
  • Email and homepage Web URL (which must start with http:// or https://) are necessary to connect with your future Cogmed users.
  • Choose a Category (Clinical or Education).
  • Public description is an optional short public facing label with a 100 character limit (e.g. "CBT for children and adults" or "Offers remote Cogmed coaching").
  • The Visible on Cogmed Find Provider setting controls the consent to be visible (blue) or not (grey). A username and timestamp for the last change are also presented.
  • Press the SAVE button at the bottom.

Our servers update the map daily at 06:00 UTC. If the organization does not become visible on the map after that time, please check that all fields are correct.