Working memory training following pediatric acquired brain injury: A pilot study

Institution: University of East Anglia

Investigator(s): Dr. Anna Adlam , Professor Susan Gathercole, Dr. Joni Holmes, Dr. Fergus Gracey, Darren Dunning, Ania Piasecka, Emily Drake

Program: Cogmed RM

Background & Aim: Pediatric acquired brain injury (ABI) is a significant cause of disability and can lead to long-term difficulties including reduced social participation, increased dependency on others, and risk of criminal behavior. Working memory (WM) difficulties are common following pediatric ABI. WM, the ability to remember information over a short period, is essential for new learning and such difficulties in childhood can result in a failure to engage in education, participate in meaningful activities, and achieve future employment. To date, no studies have investigated Cogmed RM with children who have survived an ABI. The proposed pilot study aims to test whether Cogmed RM is an acceptable and feasible intervention for children who have survived a brain injury (self-report and parental report), improves WM capacity in children who have survived an ABI, and improves performance on measures of attentional control and executive function. Findings from this research will provide pilot data for future large-scale randomized control trials.

Population & Sample Size: N = 12 children/adolescents with ABI (heterogeneous sample), ages 8- 16 years

Design: Randomized, Placebo controlled, Test-retest