Who is Cogmed For?

Cogmed is for people who need to improve their focus

Cogmed is for children and adults who are constrained by their working memory. Working Memory problems can happen for several reasons, but the typical Cogmed trainee falls into one of three main groups:

  1. Individuals who have struggled with attention and learning all their lives – sometimes with serious problems in the form of ADHD or Learning Disability.
  2. Individuals who have had a brain injury, stroke, or other insult to the brain, reducing their working memory capacity.
  3. Individuals who find their ability to focus is diminishing due to the normal effects of aging, or because of increased cognitive demands and informational overload.

Cogmed trainees are people who find they are not doing as well as they could, academically or professionally, given their intelligence and their efforts. They have discussed their situation with a Cogmed Qualified Practice and determined that training working memory is the right action in their individual case. 80% of those who complete Cogmed training see significant and lasting benefits.

See cogmed.com/research for more information.