Wayne Duncan, Ph.D.

Dr. Duncan is a child and adolescent clinical psychologist who works extensively with children and youth with ADHD, anxiety, depression, and social/emotional difficulties, including Asperger’s disorder. Dr. Duncan conducts both diagnostic assessments and therapy and has been an outside consultant to school districts and to families with children in public, private and parochial schools. Since 2009 Dr. Duncan has offered Cogmed Working Memory Training as part of his practice at ABCD, Inc., a multidisciplinary practice group that has offered psychological, educational, and psychiatric services in Seattle since 1977.

S. Wayne Duncan, Ph.D.

155 NE 100th St., Suite 306
Seattle, WA 98125

Phone: (206) 361-6884
Fax: (206) 361-1598

Email: drduncan@abcdseattle.com
Website: www.abcdseattle.com