User Profile: Lorraine O’Neill – Sixty-five year-old woman regains focus through computerized training

When sixty-five year-old Lorraine O’Neill lost her husband of some forty years, she found herself faced with a mountain of daily tasks that he had previously handled. “He made all the decisions about everything,” said Lorraine. “I didn’t even know how to put gas in the car.” Making matters worse, Lorraine began to recognize that she was having difficulty focusing her attention.

For nine months she struggled with her new responsibilities and her inability to focus. But her life changed when Dr. Barker, a psychologist in Oakville, Ontario, Ca, suggested that she try Cogmed QM, a working memory training program designed specifically for adults who need to improve their focus.

The program was challenging. “I found it frustrating at first,” said Lorraine who also remarked that the program forced her to slow down, focus and think about what to do next. The results were surprising. “Since training, my brain seems to be really organized and I have more confidence,” said Lorraine who is happy with her investment. “Comparing the cost of the training to the change in my quality of life, there is no question it was worth it. I want to do everything I can to keep my brain strong.”