The 2009 Cogmed Conference

Posted: November 19, 2009

This year’s annual Cogmed Conference took place on November 6th and 7th in Austin, TX at the wonderful Barton Creek resort.

Cogmed hosted researchers and practitioners from around the world over the weekend where an array of presentations on various topics about Cogmed and evidence-based cognitive training took place. There were several presentations from independent researchers who had done studies about Cogmed, as well as presentations from Cogmed experts and established Cogmed practitioners.

Highlights from the conference include the following presentations: Dr. Joni Holmes and Darren Dunning from the University of York discussed their past and ongoing research about Cogmed training; Dr. Kristi Hardy of Duke University examined the effect on Cogmed training with child cancer survivors; and Dr. Torkel Klingberg from the Karolinska Institute summarized the scope of research that surrounds Cogmed training.

It was exciting to see all of the ways that Cogmed training is changing the way professionals think about the brain and cognitive functioning. The conference showed that there is a lot to look forward to as more research continues to be done about the impact of Cogmed and cognitive training. Just as important as the controlled studies presented, was the detailed and engaged discussions among the experienced Cogmed practitioners. They have seen how Cogmed training can transform their clients’ learning profiles. Now they, together with Cogmed, are focused on expanding the role of evidence-based cognitive training as a first intervention for attention problems.