Ten year old charmed teachers, studied hard – still struggled in school

Age: 10
Gender: Male
Location: Ventura County, California

Background: A friendly child from Ventura County, CA, this ten year old boy often charmed teachers with his winning personality. But in third grade they began to notice that he had considerable trouble focusing and remembering tasks. His parents noticed too, as homework became a daily up-hill battle. “We would work with him for hours, especially in math, but by the time he got to class the next day he would retain very little,” said his mother. The problem only worsened in fourth grade and the boy was diagnosed with a mild case of ADHD.

Key challenges:

  • Had trouble focusing and remembering tasks
  • Could not retain information after hard studying
  • Struggled every day to complete his homework
  • Had most trouble with math and studied for hours with little improvement

Training outcomes:

  • His grades greatly improved after the training
  • Was much better around the house
  • Began to have confidence and take initiative
  • Started his homework without being asked
  • Began looking forward to challenges instead of fearing them
  • His parents were amazed and the changes the boy experienced
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is often a hidden weakness that impacts people in a very personal way.
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