Study confirms Cogmed results are lasting

A recent open label study conducted by Dr. Steven Bozylinski, Cogmed qualified practitioner and director of the ADHD Clinic of Southern California, demonstrates the effectiveness of Cogmed Working Memory Training in sustainably improving executive functioning and attention. The study found that significant improvements in working memory, mental stamina and inhibition and significant decreases in ADHD symptoms remained six to eight months after the training.

Thirty-five children between the ages of seven and 17 years, who had been diagnosed with ADHD participated in the study. The children were given a series of neurological tests before using the software and again four weeks after completion of the program. More than 90 percent demonstrated noticeable improvements in impulsivity, task initiation, working memory and planning. Additionally, 17 children performed the same tests six to eight months after training, with 80 percent retaining significant improvements.

“The findings validate that working memory training makes significant and lasting improvements in the lives of students who suffer from attention problems,” said Bozylinski. “This is very promising for a range of people who would otherwise struggle with these debilitating issues for the rest of their lives.”