Independent, academic research plays a key role as Cogmed paves the way in evidence based cognitive training

Stemming from a scientific discovery in the world of academia, Cogmed has at its foundation the rigorous evaluation and validation of peer-reviewed research. In order to establish cognitive training as a new and effective tool to be used in the fields of health care, education, and professional development, it is essential that Cogmed’s efficacy continues to be proven in first class research. To this end, Cogmed itself does not run research projects, but rather collaborates with independent researchers at leading academic institutions.

Researchers who use Cogmed solutions are provided with training that parallels the training given to clinicians using Cogmed in private practice. Further, the researchers design and execute their projects independently and are free to publish any results they may obtain. Findings from Cogmed research are presented at academic conferences and submitted for publication in peer reviewed scientific journals.

If you are interested in proposing a research project with Cogmed, contact us.