Space Mines Patrol – put your working memory to the test

Space Mines Patrol is an online game developed by Cogmed to demonstrate what working memory is and to let you put your brain to the test in a fun way. Challenge your friends to see who has what it takes to make it through space – dismantling dangerous space mines, armed only with your working memory capacity.

We all use our working memory capacity as we go about our day, but it is not easy to understand and isolate the essential role of working memory. That is why we developed this free, online game – to help you understand what it really feels like when your working memory is stretched and challenged to its limit.

We hope you will enjoy playing Space Mines Patrol, but remember that it is designed only to be a fun game to challenge your working memory. If you are looking for a proven solution for truly changing and improving your cognitive profile, you should review the Cogmed Working Memory Training information on our site in detail.

May the sharpest WM win!

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