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    St. Mark's Episcopal Day School
    Florida Elementary Students With Attention Deficits Find Focus, Accelerate Academic Achievement With Pearson's Cogmed
    "Over time, they have come to appreciate all they've accomplished. They are seeing what they can achieve and believing in themselves."

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      "I'm really enthusiastic about this program. The Cogmed program is an amazing tool"
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      "Results have ranged from mild to significant improvements in attention, social interaction, and academic performance"
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      Entire Seventh-Grade Class Realizes Changes in Reading Comprehension, Class Behavior After Completing Cogmed Training
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      Significant average improvement and effect size in parent-rated symptoms of attention (DSM-IV)
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      of schools in Sweden have implemented Cogmed training since 2003.
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      healthcare professionals around the world have used Cogmed since 2006
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      TRAINING group's average improvement in visuo-spatial working memory
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    See cogmed.com/research for more information.