A Retrospective Chart Analysis with follow up of Cogmed Working Memory Training in Children within the Autistic Spectrum

Researchers: Weckstein, S., Parker, C., Weckstein, W., Weckstein, E.

Training program used in research: Cogmed RM and Cogmed QM

Status: Completed

Objective: To assess whether children/adolescents in the Autistic Spectrum have improvement in symptoms following Cogmed Working Memory Training. Method: After gathering data from chart reviews and follow-up questionnaires of the first 15 children and adolescents in our practice between the ages of 9 and 19 in the Autistic Spectrum who completed Cogmed Working Memory Training, changes in ADHD symptoms, academic achievement and social awareness were assessed. Results: At one month follow-up the majority of patients, 13 of 15, showed improvements in their ADHD symptoms. The longer term follow-up questionnaire revealed positive changes, not only in ADHD symptoms, but also in academic achievement and social interaction/awareness. The changes, reported on in the follow-up questionnaire following working memory training, either remained the same or improved over time in 12 of the 15 patients.