Research Update May 1, 2007

Harvard University: Dr. Enrico Mezzacappa has just a concluded a study at Harvard in which 8 children between first and fifth grade with symptoms of ADHD conducted Cogmed Working Memory Training. The study focused on children at a Boston inner-city public school, and clinical outcomes showed favorable results. The research findings have been submitted to the American Academy of Child Psychiatry to be considered for its annual meeting in October. Mezzacappa is associate director of psychiatric education at the Children’s Hospital in Boston.

New York University: An effort to complete a randomized clinical trial of 20 children with ADHD, sponsored by NYU, is past the midpoint. Dr. Chris Lucas, who is leading the research, has already announced plans to carry out additional training this summer at the NYU Child Study Center. Approximately 52 children with ADHD will conduct Cogmed Working Memory Training with a placebo control. Lucas is associate professor of child and adolescent psychiatry at NYU.