Programming Children for Success – Computerized Training Can Improve Brain Function

Posted: January 13, 2010

A great article in the Washington Parent about Cogmed training was published last week and highlights the rising awareness of the training program’s efficacy. Karen Finucan Carlson opens the article saying, “Common sense dictates that if something sounds too good to be true, then it must be. But when it comes to the computerized training of a child’s brain to improve her working memory, early results are turning skeptics into believers”.

The article contains quotes from Cogmed Qualified Practitioners from the D.C. area, Barbara Ingersoll, Ph.D. and Lisa Martin, Ph.D. and focuses not only on the impact that Cogmed has had in academics for children with ADD or ADHD, but also on the potential Cogmed has to reach other populations in many different situations.

Carlson also discusses the important role that the Cogmed Qualified Practitioner plays in the success of the training program noting that the training program is intensive and requires hard work and dedication to be effective.

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