Parental & Pediatric Guidance

Robert J. Hudson, MD, is a pediatrician and Clinical Professor of Pediatrics whose practice, Parental & Pediatric Guidance is with the University of Oklahoma School of Community Medicine. His practice with OU Physicians is dedicated to helping parents to appreciate, understand, and manage their children who exhibit behavioral or learning problems, including ADHD.

His clinical services include individual assessment for ADHD and other behavioral difficulties. His care provides specific diagnosis, counseling, and new evidence-based interventions for these children and the parenting training necessary for success.

He is the Co-Director for the Center for Resilience and Development, which does clinical research and identifies children at risk for learning and behavioral difficulties.

Serving as a consultant to the Tulsa Catholic Diocese Schools, Family and Children’s Services and Parkside Psychiatric Hospital, he has trained teachers, professionals, and parents. He has given workshops throughout the area and has lectured about the challenges of parenting in today’s stressful world.

Robert J. Hudson, M.D.

University of Oklahoma Tulsa Schusterman Center
4105 East 41st Street
Tulsa, OK 75135
Phone: (918) 619-4447