Our new web site is now live – and do we have a story to tell!

Posted: February 19, 2010

The Cogmed team and the world-wide network of Cogmed practices believes strongly that we have a great story to tell. The story of how we’ve taken a breakthrough in basic science and built an effective solution for people around the world. A story of how leading scientists now see that with the right tools and protocols you can truly improve the way your brain works – and that clinicians and educators see that the Cogmed tools work very well in real life, with their clients and students.

It all started about ten years ago, in Stockholm, Sweden, at the Karolinska Institute. Today Cogmed training is available from qualified experts around the world and the results have been replicated and published in respected peer reviewed journals. We have built a partner network and a track record that we are very proud of. Now we want to tell our story more widely. We hope that this new website will be an important part of this effort. We also know that to really understand how different and powerful Cogmed training is, you should hear about it first hand from a trusted professional. Any one of the Cogmed practitioners can explain based on their experiences. Please browse around our new site and let us know what you think about it. And once you feel you have the basics – contact one of our practices, or sign up for our free webinars.

It’s been a great journey, from research breakthrough to powerful training solutions used around the world. But this is only the beginning – the field of evidence-based cognitive training has only started. Stay tuned.

Jonas Jendi
Cogmed CEO