Ongoing Research

As an evidence-based intervention, Cogmed is supported by a growing body of peer-reviewed research. Dozens of scientists all over the world are currently investigating the efficacy of Cogmed in a wide variety of sample populations for whom working memory has been identified as a limiting factor. Although the details of many of these projects are confidential, some research teams have published their study protocols. The below table includes published research plans for studies currently underway using the Cogmed intervention.

Population YearPublicationTitleAuthorAbstract
ADHD2013BMC PsychiatryInterventions to improve executive functioning and working memory in school-aged children with AD(H)D: A randomised controlled trial and stepped-care approachvan der Donk et al.Link to Article
Cerebral Palsy2014Trials Do children with cerebral palsy benefit from computerized working memory training? Study protocol for a randomized controlled trialLøhaugen et al. Link to Article
Hearing2013TrialsWorking memory training for adult hearing aid users: Study protocol for a double-blind randomized active controlled trialHenshaw & FergusonLink to Article
HIV2016Trials "Neural correlates of working memory training in HIV patients: Study protocol for
a randomized controlled trial"
Chang et al. Link to full article
MCI2014TrialsThe Memory Aid study: protocol for a randomized controlled clinical trial evaluating the effect of computer-based working memory training in elderly patients with mild cognitive impairment (MCI)Flak et al. Link to Article
MCI2014Alzheimers & Dementia Transfer effects of online working-memory training in health older adults and mild cognitive impairment [Abstract]Vermeij et al.Link to Abstract
MS2014Archives of Physical Medicine and RehabilitationFeasibility of implementing a computerized working memory training program in patients with pediatric-onset Multiple Sclerosis [Abstract]Kuni et al. Link to Abstract
Preterm Birth2013BMC PediatricsPreventing academic difficulties in preterm children: a randomised controlled trial of an adaptive working memory training intervention -- IMPRINT studyPascoe et al.Link to Article
Substance Abuse2014Drug and Alcohol Dependence"Effects of working-memory training in
methadone maintenance patients [Abstract]"
Schacht et al. Link to Abstract
Typical 2011BMC PediatricsCan improving working memory prevent academic difficulties? A school based randomised controlled trialRoberts et al. Link to Article