Neuropsychological and virtual classroom performance in children with learning and attention problems: The effectiveness of working memory training

Institution: Travis Research Institute

Investigator(s): Dr. DeBoard Marion

Program: Cogmed RM

Background & Aim: Virtual classroom is a unique approach to diagnosing and addressing attention issues by providing a virtual environment where responses to cognitive challenges (distracters) can be monitored in an ecologically valid situation. The aim of the current project is to compare school children with learning and attention problems to typically functioning school children (control) on standardized and novel neuropsychological measures including virtual classroom. Then, researchers will investigate the effectiveness of working memory (WM) training for the children in the emerging needs program by testing the impact of training on academic performance and behavior functioning. Finally, they will explore the extent of generalizability of Cogmed training in neurocognitive domains other than memory and WM such as attention.

Population & Sample Size: N = 40 special needs and typical children, ages 6 -12 years old

Design: Randomized, Controlled, Test-retest, 6 month follow-up

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