Moving beyond the brain’s limits

Since its arrival in the scientific community, the concept of working memory has revealed new insights into the success and failure of the human mind in key circumstances. Working memory has been pushed into the mainstream as people begin to understand their performance in the context of this critical function. It is becoming an essential part of how we address questions like why can’t I complete tasks at work? Why is my daughter struggling with math? Why is my father losing his mental edge?

But it is only during the past decade of intense research that the real impact of working memory has begun to be realized, most importantly, through the discovery that working memory can be substantially improved through training. This breakthrough changes the game for millions of people who are constrained by their working memory in one way or another. Thousands have embraced working memory training with dramatic success. Psychologists have begun to change the way they approach attention issues. Researchers are unlocking ways to help those with cognitive impairments regain control of their lives. Working memory training is helping move science and medicine into a new era in which the intricacies of the brain are better understood and addressed to improve quality of life on a broad scale.