Cogmed for adolescents with ADHD

Title: Cogmed for adolescents with ADHD

Institution: Hartford Hospital

Investigator(s): Dr. Michael Stevens

Program: Cogmed RM

Background & Aim: There is evidence both that Cogmed can improve ADHD working memory (WM) deficits and that this type of training in non-ADHD individuals enhances normal WM ability by altering brain activity in prefrontal cortex and the parietal lobe. However, no study has characterized brain activity changes following WM training in ADHD participants to understand how cognitive deficits are remedied. Thus, the aim of this project is to identify which brain regions in ADHD adolescents are affected by WM intervention and to characterize patterns of activation change between baseline and endpoint, to test hypotheses about possible neural mechanisms underlying treatment gains and to test the relationship between brain activity changes and generalization of WM training to other executive cognitive deficits and ADHD symptom remission.

Population & Sample Size: N = 42 adolescents with and without ADHD (combined type), ages 13- 18 years

Design: Randomized, Age & demographically match controlled, Test-retest