My Cogmed

Below are all the links and information you will need as a Cogmed provider. We compiled all of the Cogmed resources in one area so you can easily get to what you need.

The Cogmed Network Archive –
This archive allows you to look at archived listserv conversions. Please check here before posting to the listserv to see if your question(s) have already been addressed. NOTE: You will have to register separately for this archive.

Cogmed Conference
Here you will have access to past and present Cogmed conference materials. This site includes hours of video footage from our conferences that are held each year. If you would like to attend our next conference, please contact your account manager for more details. NOTE: You must be logged into in order to view this information.

This is where you will find both downloadable and printable marketing material.
NOTE: This site requires a separate registration.

Cogmed Listserv
Once you have finished your professional training, we will automatically subscribe you to the Cogmed listserv. Once registered you can post questions by emailing – Please remember to not post any confidential information. Also, all questions to the Cogmed team should be sent to your account manager and not this list.

Cogmed Training
The Cogmed Training Web is where you will have access to all of your customer user information. This is where you will create IDs as well as monitor the training results.
For all information regarding our research, user stores and news about Cogmed, please use this site.

For any questions regarding these resources, please call us at 888-748-3828.