Lawrence S. Allen, Ed.D.


Dr. Lawrence Allen is a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in the evaluation and treatment of children, adolescents and adults with learning differences, attentional issues and emotional/behavioral difficulties. He has been in private practice for over twenty five years. Dr. Allen has been featured in professional journals, magazine articles, TV programs and has done research in the field of learning and memory. He has spoken to a variety of audiences including parents, schools and professionals.

Dr. Allen is currently on the medical staff of Children’s Hospital in Denver, Colorado. He was on the professional advisory board of the Learning Disabilities Association of Colorado, is a clinical supervisor at the University of Denver’s professional psychology program and serves as a consultant to several private schools in the Denver metropolitan area. In addition, Dr. Allen is a member of the APA, CPA and the Association for the Advancement of Psychology.

Pamela Allen, M.A. is a certified special education teacher whose focus has been evaluating and treating children with learning and language differences, attention deficits, and emotional/behavioral concerns. She served as an Educational Consultant in the public schools for over twenty years and in addition, has done private educational evaluations. Ms. Allen has currently trained as a Cogmed Coach and is a volunteer for the Mizel Museum in Denver, Colorado.

Dr. Allen and his wife, Pamela are the parents of two adult children.

Contact: Dr. Lawrence Allen, Pamela A. Allen

1777 S. Harrison Street, Suite 800
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Phone: (303) 300-6564