Klingberg comments on BBC “Brain Training” study

Posted: April 21, 2010

Renowned neuroscientist and Cogmed co-founder, Torkel Klingberg, Ph.D., M.D. has recently been quoted in multiple articles in response to a study published yesterday in Nature. The study was done by British researchers in conjunction with the BBC television show “Bang Goes the Theory” and it showed no transfer of improvements from “brain training” tasks to various measures of cognitive functioning and intelligence.

The study, called “Brain Test Britain”, is receiving a lot of attention because of its findings and is causing many in the media to discount the effectiveness of cognitive training altogether. Articles in Time Magazine, New Scientist, and, Science reported the negative findings along with comments from Dr. Klingberg where he explains why the results do not apply to all cognitive training programs.

Dr. Klingberg brought up several issues that compromise the validity of the study and emphasized in New Scientist that “this paper does in no way disprove that the brain is plastic or that cognitive functions can be improved by training.” He also said in Time Magazine that it is “incorrect to generalize from one specific training study to cognitive training in general.”

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