Jonas Jendi interviewed on Clinica Medical Intelligence

Posted: May 20, 2010 – Clinica Medical Intelligence is a publication for the international medical devices and diagnostics industries. It recently interviewed Cogmed CEO Jonas Jendi. Topics covered neuroplasticity, Cogmed’s target population, and the design behind the training program.

When asked “What has been the highlight of your career at Cogmed?”, Jonas responded saying: “The highlight of my career at Cogmed is still ahead of me, I believe. I think we are approaching a tipping point where the research case (after years of enabling research around the world) and the clinical track record (making sure leading clinicians can see the research results replicated in their own clients) come together and a lot of people come to understand that Cogmed represents something truly new and very effective. A recent highlight was our annual Cogmed Conference, where we bring together Cogmed practitioners from around the world and leading working memory researchers – it was great to see the interaction and excitement in this new field, and knowing that Cogmed is playing such a key role in launching the market for evidence-based cognitive training.”

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