Janine Stasior Ph.D. – Boston, MA

Janine Stasior, Ph.D., M.S., ABPdN, is a Board Certified Pediatric Neuropsychologist and Licensed Psychologist in Lexington, MA. She also holds a master’s degree in Nutritional Science. Dr. Stasior specializes in the neuropsychological assessment and ongoing clinical care of children and teens with varied developmental concerns, such as learning disorders, ADHD, head injury, medical illness, and consequences of premature or multiple births.

She serves as neuropsychological consultant to several preschools and public school systems in the greater Boston area. Dr. Stasior also serves as consultant for several independent elementary and secondary schools on behalf of intellectually talented students. She lectures frequently on various topics related to the neurocognitive development of children and teenagers to promote their optimal outcome. Dr. Stasior is available for consultation to pediatric and mental health professionals and works collaboratively with many pediatric groups and hospital programs.