International growth

When Dr. Bill Benninger, one of the first Cogmed providers in the U.S., began to implement the training, he wasn’t sure how kids would respond. “When you look at the discipline needed to complete a five week program, I think there was a sense in the U.S. that it’s all well and good for Swedish kids but Americans will never stick with it,” he says. “Of course, what we found is that kids are kids and brains are brains – it worked just the same.”

And this has been the case for many other countries as well. The program’s proven software and coaching support make it effective to a broad group of users around the world. In 2006, practices in Switzerland and the U.S. made Cogmed available for the first time. In 2007, Canadian practices also began to offer the program. And in 2008, Japan, Singapore, Germany and Holland followed suite. Australia made the training available in early 2009, and other countries are close behind.

To date, more than 10,000 people around the world have completed Cogmed training, including the hundreds who have used it in research studies.

“We started out from a fairly skeptical basis but
our dataare very clear: you get major gains with
working memory training.”

– Dr. Susan Gathercole