Girl struggles in math class, has trouble remembering equations

Age: 8
Gender: Female
Location: Northbrook, Illinois

Background: For this eight-year-old of Northbrook, IL, math class was a daily problem that didn’t always add up. Diagnosed with ADHD in second grade, she struggled to focus her attention long enough to perform the mental steps necessary for solving seemingly simple math equations. Despite constant encouragement from her parents and her personal math tutor, her difficulties were compounded by feelings of frustration and failure that she began to associate with all things mathematical.

Key challenges:

  • Diagnosed with ADHD; had most trouble in math class
  • Could not remember all the steps to perform equations
  • Continued to struggle with math even with a personal tutor
  • Became frustrated and felt like a failure

Training outcomes:

  • Exhibited greater control over her impulses at home
  • Became the cleanest and most organized of the four children in the family
  • Her math and test taking skills increased dramatically
  • Her teachers were amazed by her newfound poise in the classroom
  • Became a more patient and attentive listener
  • Took new interest in social activities that once seemed overwhelming
  • Began to approach everyday problems with patience and confidence
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is often a hidden weakness that impacts people in a very personal way.
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