Girl improves grades and gains more self-control after Cogmed training

Age: 8
Gender: Female
Location: Honolulu, Hawaii

Background: This eight year-old girl was having difficulty focusing in class and during homework. She often rushed through her work and made careless mistakes as a result. She would forget instructions from her parents and teachers, and had a lot of trouble staying on task to complete her assignments. In addition, the girl had trouble controlling her emotions. It was when the girl was diagnosed with ADHD and the family had started her on medications that the girl’s mother came across Cogmed.

The mother, who is a teacher, was well aware of the importance of helping a child with ADHD as early as possible, so she started her daughter on Cogmed with the hope of turning some of her attention issues around. The daughter cheerfully attended to the Cogmed training program with unusual eagerness for her age. Within a short period of time, the daughter showed improvement in her ability to control her emotions and frustration. She also has improved significantly in school. Having done Cogmed training in the summer, the daughter got off to an excellent start in the new school year. She is improving in all subjects and getting A’s and B’s on all of her tests.  She has also been writing in her planner every day to stay organized, which had never happened before.

Key challenges:

  • Had difficulty focusing in class
  • Rushed through homework and made careless mistakes
  • Could not remember detailed instructions
  • Often forgot to complete her assignments
  • Could not stay focused on more than one thing at a time
  • Had trouble controlling her emotions

Training outcomes:

  • Has had significant academic improvements
  • Is now getting As and Bs in all of her classes
  • Is able to better control her emotions and frustrations
  • She is much more organized and can keep detailed instructions in mind
  • She even writes in her planner every day to stay organized
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