Focus, Inc.

Focus, Inc

Focus is a medical practice for kids and young people with AD/HD and related problems. Dr. James Wiley started FOCUS so that he would have more time to devote to the diagnosis and treatment of these patients. Focus provides objective testing, medical treatment as well as behavior modification strategies.

The evaluation begins when we receive the parent, teacher and patient questionnaires from you. After Dr. Wiley reviews these questionnaires, an appointment will be made for an initial evaluation. At that time Dr. Wiley will take a careful history and perform a physical examination. Afterward, computer aided testing will be done. This includes the Quotient System for the patient and Clinicom for the parent or older patient. Before you leave the first visit Dr. Wiley will review the findings, make a preliminary diagnosis, and provide a treatment plan.

The first visit is followed by a second appointment in one or two weeks. Email communication is encouraged in the time between the visits to access treatment success and to trouble shoot any problems before the second visit. On the second visit the Quotient Test may be repeated to help assess treatment effectiveness and side effects.

Generally two to four additional appointments are necessary each year. Additional appointments may be required but usually sharing information between the patient/parent, teacher and Dr. Wiley by email will be adequate to ensure effective treatment.

Some patients may benefit from QEEG, an emerging technology for the diagnosis of AD/HD. Dr. Wiley will discuss QEEG use with individual patients.

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