Examination of the effectiveness of computerized working memory training on math achievement and other untrained tasks in children with ADHD

Institution: George Washington University

Investigator(s): Angela Heishman, NCC, LPC, NCSP, ABSNP

Program: Cogmed RM

Background & Aim: The purpose of this project is to evaluate the use of Cogmed RM in a school setting for children receiving special education services with a diagnosis of ADHD or demonstrating significant behavioral problems and experiencing math difficulties. Participants will participate in several pre-test sessions and 4-week and 4 month post-test sessions to assess treatment effects on various processes of memory and learning, fluid reasoning, and academic achievement. Benchmark and curriculum-based assessments collected by the district will also be used to assist in measuring academic progress. There will also be an opportunity to compare differences in treatment effectiveness based on subtypes of ADHD.

Population & Sample Size: N = 50 children with ADHD, ages 9 – 15 years

Design: School pilot, test-retest, 4 month follow-up