Evidence-based cognitive training cont.

1b. Evidence-based cognitive training
As an intervention designed to improve working memory (WM) capacity, the efficacy of Cogmed has been demonstrated through a credible body of scientific work. First emerging from a discovery in research at the Karolinska Institute, Cogmed’s impact on WM has since been investigated by independent researchers at world-renowned institutions. Through these studies, not only has evidence been gathered about the WM system and related executive functions in the form of data but also, the findings have been presented at professional conferences and published in leading peer-reviewed scientific journals. The presence of Cogmed in peer-reviewed journals ensures that experts have assessed the results from Cogmed training studies and have critically evaluated how the research will build upon the extant body of literature. Publication in peer-reviewed journals that rigorously investigate the intentions, methods and ethical nature of submitted studies supports the acceptance of Cogmed as an effective cognitive intervention by the scientific community at large.