Efficacy of a computerized training of working memory in adults with ADHD

Institution: Fundació Joan Costa Roma

Investigator(s): Aitana Bigorra, Maite Garolera, M.D., Amaia Hervás Hervas, M.D, Josep Antoni Ramos, M.D., Benjamín Piñeiro, Laura González

Program: Cogmed QM

Background & Aim: ADHD is a disorder characterized by a pattern of inattention and / or behavioural dis-inhibition. It is estimated that at least between 30% and 70% of those suffering from childhood ADHD showed a persistence of the symptomatology into adulthood, establishing a prevalence of adult ADHD about 5% (Faraone and Biederman, 2006; Kessler et al., 2006). The aim of the current project is to evaluate the efficacy of Cogmed QM in ameliorating ADHD symptoms in the short and long term, as well as improve performance on non-trained tasks of WM, for adults with combined type ADHD in comparison to a placebo control group. The results will be compared with a sample of 66 subjects’ ages between 7 and 12 recruited and evaluated by members of the Psychiatric Service for Children and Adolescents University Hospital Mutua de Terrassa.

Population & Sample Size: N = 66 adults with ADHD (combined type), ages 18 – 45 years

Design: Randomized, Placebo Controlled, Double-blinded, Test-retest, 6 Month Follow Up