The effect of computerized cognitive training on working memory and mathematical skill performance of inner-city children with mathematical learning disabilities

Research institution: Miami University

Researchers: Michael Woodin

Training program used in research: Cogmed RM

Status: Ongoing

The present study seeks to complement and extend research by Holmes et al. (2009) by reexamining the effects of Cogmed Working Memory Training on three groups of students, similar in poor working memory performance, but different in mathematical skill ability. This study hopes to determine if Cogmed computerized, evidence-based training program, equipped with a progress monitoring component, can improve the working memory performance and consequently, the mathematical achievement of urban school students within a school environment that utilizes a RTI framework. Findings from this study will help to determine the efficacy of computerized, cognitive training as a working memory and mathematical processing intervention. It is hoped that this training may not only improve the students’ current working memory ability and mathematical achievement but also, enhance their lifelong learning and problem-solving ability.