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    About Cogmed
    Cogmed Working Memory Training is a computer-based solution for attention problems caused by poor working memory.

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    Our education-focused webinars are an excellent way to find out how you can implement Cogmed successfully in your school.

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    Success Stories
    Students Improve Concentration, Quality of Time-on-Task With Cogmed Working Memory Training Program

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  • Claims & Evidence

    Download our most recent C&E document. For a deep dive with all references and sources, download our full version.

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  • Reading Success Story

    This school district has had great results using Cogmed for low performing readers.

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  • Math Success Story

    This district found improvements in working memory and inattention plus math after a research program with Cogmed.

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    How do I know?

    Find out if your students have poor working memory. The following checklist can be used as support in determining if a person has poor working memory, and could benefit from Cogmed Working Memory Training. Poor working memory and attention problems in general are seldom manifested in the exact same way, so you should not expect for all items in this list to be applicable.

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    Cogmed is backed by over 45 studies that shows it to be effective in improving working memory and attentional behavior.


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