Dr. Avner Stern interviewed about Cogmed on Unity.FM radio

Cogmed Practitioner, Dr. Avner Stern was interviewed by Rev. Carla McClellan on Unity.FM radio, “a unique online, spiritual, radio network that serves a global audience”.

Dr. Stern participated in a segment entitled “Better Health Through Braining Training” where he described the idea of neuroplasticity and explained how people with attention problems can improve their cognitive functioning through Cogmed Working Memory Training.

Dr. Stern talked about working memory and the research that has been done about Cogmed training. He also described the types of people that can benefit from improving their working memory and why the idea of brain training is changing how people approach dealing with attention problems of all kinds.

The segment provided a unique opportunity for a Cogmed practitioner to describe the Cogmed training program in great detail. The lively discussion allowed Dr. Stern to give a personal explanation of what Cogmed is, the research that has been done, who can benefit from it, and what makes it different from other, similar brain training programs.

They also discussed good habits to promote healthy cognitive functioning.

Click here to download the podcast and listen to the segment.