Descanso Medical Center for Development and Learning


Drs. Leonard “Skip” Baker, Ricki G. Robinson and Tom Hartman are board-certified pediatricians with over 30 years of combined experience in the diagnosis and treatment of developmental and learning differences and over 75 combined years in pediatric care. They are each deeply involved locally and nationally with medical research and family support organizations, especially as they relate to developmental and learning issues. Their involvement provides direct benefit to our patients who gain access to a rich network of resources, information, and knowledge of the most current and effective diagnostic and treatment strategies. Dr. Marilyn Lange is a pediatrician with a specialization in all facets of developmental disabilities.

We also provide our patients with counseling support and brain training programs.
Our counseling staff includes Peter Gero, Ph.D. a marriage and family therapist.

Leonard R. Baker, M.D.,
C. Thomas Hartman Jr., M.
Contact: Carole Swemline, Administrator

1346 Foothil Boulevard, Suite 301
La Canada, CA 91011

Phone: (818) 790-1587